Bite force: 1,500psi

Distribution: Southwestern USA, Central America, South America

The Jaguar or the Panthers once as its scientific name, is a mammal and is a carnivore and have an average life span in the wild to 12-15 years. There current population trend is decreasing and this due to people hunting them and habitat loss.

Jaguars are territorial animal and will mark their territory with their waste or clawing trees. Female jaguars can have a litter of four cubs that can’t defend themselves at birth they are also blind.  The mother will protect them fiercely with her life from any animal that may approach even from their own father. The cubs will learn to fend for themselves after spending 2 or more years with their mother.

These apex hunters are extremely quiet and are not one for making noise when sneaking up on their prey, in the amazon jungle there has been a few human encounter that have ended in tragedy, or surviers have survived just one the fine line between life or death.


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