This animal is a two- meters tall and 1500-kilo behemoth, looks like it wearing white stocking, which slipped over almost dainty, narrow, pointed hooves. However they are bad to point at as they have a major bad temper issue. It has the head of a buffalo and the body of a cow, it weighs more than a pilot whale, and this is the biggest and heaviest wild cattle on Earth.

These giant cattle can easily overturn a small truck, it can very timid at times and overs very ferocious. So this large cattle is a combination of two extremes. They run in thundering hearts of more than 20. These musclebound beefcakes with blueing shoulder humps, it plunders forests from south-eastern Asia, to the Malay Archipelago, their biggest stronghold is India.

It has killer 80cm long curved horns, it has formidable size and powers and is surprisingly fast. They always keep their young close which makes them just as deadly as elephants for being protective of their young. The only real threat they have to them is the tiger but even that threat can sometime come worse off from these bad tempered cattle.

In India from 2015 to 2017, at least three people were killed in a grisly gaur encounters, and two children were seriously injured in another unprovoked attack. When they see humans in the forest they may charge as they don’t like any people. These shy animals are starting to become bolder and more aggressive in some areas of Southeast Asia and south India, charging without provocation. These animal attack by running over or gorging them with their long horns.

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