Bull Shark

Bite force: 1,350psi

Distribution: Warm coastal areas, rivers and lakes worldwide

The bull shark or the Carcharhinus leucism as its scientific name says is a fish, and a top predator of the oceans as these sharks can be found worldwide and these are the only type of sharks that can go from freshwater to saltwater. It’s average life span in the wild is 16 years and can grow to the size of 7 to 11.5 ft. The feed on small fish or other smaller sharks, they are carnivores. There group names are School or Shoal.

Bull sharks are known to be the most aggressive type of sharks in world and typically live in high populated areas near the shorelines. Due to this they have been known for human encounters, they also highly ranked along with there two well known cousins the Great white and the Tiger Shark who also have a track record for attacking humans.

The Bull sharks’ tent to hide out in misty waters and the bull sharks have terrible sight so they use there 6th sense to track and locate pray and its is known as electrical impulses, this sometimes may be a human, but they are not menu they attack more out of curiosity, therefore bull sharks have a bad track record.

They do have a small threat in survival as they are hunted for there mean and oil, but mostly fins for China’s shark fin soup.

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