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Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue Ringed Octopus

This small little sea creature has three hearts, and blue blood, with eight arms wiggling from its mouth, it can kill with its spit and send a person into a medical emergency within minutes.

They are different from every other octopus species, as they are highly venomous, they will flash blue rings at you, and is very well capable of killing you.They stretch just 20 centimetres from tentacle to tentacle, this pint-sized poisoner is one of the world’s most deadly ocean dwellers.

This compact tiny killer hunts in coral reefs, around the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from southern Japan and Korea all the way to Australia. They are venomous both in and out of the water.

The most common way people are bitten are when people pick them up out of the water and have them in their hands. When this tiny terror is upset or is out hunting that is when you’ll see their bright blue flashing circles appear. They have up to 60 distinctive iridescent rings that furiously flashing all over its body, is a not a subtle neon warning to back off, or be attacked.

They are infamous for their night time ninja hunting moves, They are known for sneaking up on prey and covering them like a glove and giving them what is known as a kiss of death.

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