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Archie Comics The Long Running Teen Comic Soap Opera

Archie Comics Publications is one of the oldest publishers in the industry with their first comics being published way back in 1939. Although they had some Superhero and funny books, they are known for their wholesome almost Disneyesque titles such as Archie and Betty & Veronica. Here is our quick guide to their comics both early and modern.

Their flagship character Archie Andrews first appeared in Pep Comics Issue 22 in December 1941 alongside love interest Betty Cooper & his long-serving sidekick Jughead Jones. Veronica Lodge would appear a few issues later to complete the teenage love triangle and for the next few decades, they would inhabit an idealised teenage world set in the fictitious town of Riverdale.

Archie Comics

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Over the years literally, thousands of Archie related comics were published and naturally a host of new characters came with them. Wisecracking Reggie Mantlecame next then stereotypical jock Moose Mason and his gurl Midge Klump.  This set the cast for years of teenage hijinx set against the backdrop of high school and the ever-popular soda shop.

Betty & Veronica

Betty & Veronica proved so popular that they got their own title in 1950 and volume one ran for 347 issues. Originally titled Archie’s Girls Betty & Veronica it lasted right up until 1987. Volume two was launched the same year as the publisher tried to focus on them to compete with not only Marvel & DC but the growing influx of independent publishers. Both series are quite sought after by collectors and volume two issues are hard to find in high grade.

Archie Comics in the 1960s

New characters soon arrived, expanding the genre a bit with Sabrina Spellman (The Teenage Witch) adding a bit of mysticism and a new location, neighbouring Greendale. In Riverdale Jughead got a love interest in the shape of  Midge Klump.

Music took a front set thanks to Josie McCoy, the lead singer and guitarist for “Josie & the Pussycats. She is basically a female Archie and proved so popular she would soon get her own animated series.



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