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Alien Volume one Bloodlines Review

Alien Volume one Bloodlines Review
Alien: Blooodlines Volume one cover art

About Volume one Alien: Bloodlines

Alien: Bloodlines Collects issues 1 - 6 of the new Alien series from Marvel Comics after Disney acquired Fox.

Written by: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artwork: Salvador Larroca

The main focal point of this volume is the Epsilon Research facilities Chief of Security, Gabriel Cruz. Gabriel, over the years, has placed his loyalties with Weyland-Yutani. Even to the extent that his wife left him and returned to Earth with his Son Danny after a family tragedy occurred on the facility.

Cruz, now retiring from the company, returns to Earth and attempts to rekindle his relationship with his son.


After being recruited by his girlfriend Iris into an anti-corporation group, Danny rejects his father's attempts to connect. Instead, in a plot to take down Weyland-Yutani, Danny steals his father's id card to access the Epsilon.

They arrive to tear down Weyland-Yutani, not knowing what dangers are Lurking in the Darkness.

Soon, Cruz must return to save his son, and we learn of the true dedication this chief of security had to the company and how Cruz has a deeper connection with xenomorphs and their hive mind. His main Nemesis, the Alpha, who hell-bent on capturing Danny. Will Cruz be able to keep him safe!

Alien: Bloodlines Review

With plot twists and surprises around every corner, Volume 1 is gripping and impossible to put down. Think Marvel will tone the Alien gore down? Think again, with beautiful artwork throughout, the nostalgia of the originals we all know and love begin flooding right back. References back to the events of Hadley's Hope in 2179 and the familiar face of Bishop making a regular appearance brings the nostalgia on even quicker.

"Bloodlines" has been a fantastic first Volume from Phillip Kennedy Johnson that Marvel can proudly put their stamp on.

With the plan firmly in place for an Alien series at Disney, they will be creating an absolute cracker if the comics are anything to go by.

I am looking forward to seeing what will entail in Volume Two.

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