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Digital Marketing Services

Want help with advertising your Business on Social media or utilising search ads?

We can help build your marketing campaigns to fit your budgets, we optimise campaigns to bring in your ideal target audience to ensure you will get the best possible return for your advertising spend.

We can help you figure out which platform and what style of ads would work best for your business/campaign needs.

Need a solution for converting business effectively? Not a problem we will help build the right Sales Management tools that allow you to manage your enquiries and customers as efficiently as possible.

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E-Commerce/Events Solutions

E-commerce is simply the ability to sell products or showcase products online. The Market is saturated with multiple companies offering E-commerce 'Solutions'. However, results from these solutions can be hit or miss, and sometimes the best solution is to have your own E-commerce platform you can call home for your products.

We have launched our E-commerce Website creation services to assist you and your business in an affordable manner.

We have developed the same for event management and bookings for the hospitality industry.

Along with this, we have created our Multi-Vendor Platform which allows businesses to add their products from their own store to our Vendor Platform. Allowing you to easily showcase your products to a wider audience on the Five Minutes Spare Platform.

You will also be able to easily share your events, products and services to your own Five Spare Profile, Groups and other social media platforms.

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FMS Platform

Business Directory

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The Five Minutes Spare Business directory is built for Functionality. We want a potential customer to find your business as easily as possible.

Our Business Directory is accessible from anywhere on our website and is featured on all of our Location guides and Town/City Groups.

Not only do we have one all-encompassing business directory we also build individual business directories for individual Countries, Counties/States, Cities, Towns and even Villages upon request.

These directories are not only for Businesses but also for community groups, charities and more. Our overall philosophy is to support communities and help them thrive.

Business Groups

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Keeping in touch with your clients can be a costly exercise and a time heavy exercise.

Not only can you as a business use our groups for advertising to a wider audience, but we can also create your own group for your customers and potential customers to join.

Here you will be able to easily post updates, directly message group members and create events for your group member to see. If you want to go a little further than post updates you can also have your own Business Blog. This Business Blog will also be linked to our overarching user blog giving you even more opportunities to grow your group organically.

We can set up your own forum for FAQ or custom group pages for general information, products, services and more.

Website Design

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Do you need a new Website? Or do you need your first Website building? We can help whether you are looking for a website to sell products, services, or even showcase yourself in your way; we can help.

We have different packages available to suit your need starting from just £250 and then a minimum of £15 a month to cover hosting and support.

Our website Builds also include a free business directory listing and group creation on the Five Minutes Spare Platform.

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