About Us!

About Us

Five Minutes Spare is a media company based in the county of Cumbria. We specialise in providing quality content for our followers and site users, covering topics such as sport, music, films, and even education.

At Five Minutes Spare we believe that there should be a fun and safe environment for users who want to have a quick browse online, and that’s exactly what we provide.

With great content daily and integral privacy policy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign up.

Does it cost anything to use or join?

No it’s completely free for consumers.

So I suppose there will be loads of annoying pop-ups and flashing Banners?

No what advertising we intend to display will be contextually relevant & non-intrusive. Having done our research we realise that most people don’t mind advertising per se and appreciate that this allows the internet to remain largely free. We don’t like pop-ups, spyware or being chased around the internet by ads for products we looked at a few days ago any more than you do. Our focus is on providing useful and relevant information such as product reviews and on special deals negotiated for our members.

Is the site complicated to use?

We are endeavouring to make it as easy to use as possible and intend to have a tutorial section including videos available to ensure that every member gets the most out of the site.

What about online privacy?

We will never divulge your personal information or browsing habits to third parties unless obliged to by law. Nor will we harvest and manipulate it to try and build up a profile or use cookies to track your movements once you leave our site.

Ok, this sounds good can I get involved after I join?

Sure like all sites we need interesting content on a wide variety of topics so if you have a specialist area of knowledge or are a keen hobbyist you can contribute and potentially get rewarded for doing so.

Which brings us on to:

What is all this about a reward system?

Minotes are our internal reward points system which is our way of thanking our members for helping us grow. They are awarded for logging in and for other actions such as providing useful content. There are plenty of opportunities to earn them and there is going to be a lot of great things that they can be used for which will become clear when the site goes live. Further, we have already begun the process of integrating this into the offline world with codes redeemable for minotes being available to businesses. Perhaps more interesting though is the fact that we have decided to link a percentage of Five Minutes Spares equity to this reward system and after an as yet to be finalised time period (probably 3-5 years) it will be divided up and given freely in proportion to the minotes a member has earned. Thus anyone joining will in time become a shareholder – it may be fractional but as they say even a tiny piece of a huge pie is worth having.