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Most Expensive Items you Can buy online

Most expensive items you can find online

Just for fun, we have surfed the web for some of the most ridiculously expensive items you can buy on eBay and Amazon. We could not believe what we could find!

Highest Priced Comic Books

We all know that the market for comic book fluctuates, usually depending on what movies or series are being released.

The market for Marvel comics has been rapidly growing over the last 15 years contributed by the Marvel movie franchise.

So you may be surprised to see a DC comic that makes the top of the list. Well, you’ll be half surprised, as this comic has a DC cover but inside is actually Marvel Print!

The cover is of Issue #6, The New Teen Titans Volume 1 (1980-84), cover publishing date April 1981. Inside pages are from Issue #74, Marvel-Two-In-One, publishing date April, 1981.

Due to this error and the rarety of the error, the Comic is listed on eBay for a whopping $1,200,000.00.

Baseball Memorabilia

Much Like comics, Baseball cards and memorabilia attract avid Collectors and there have been some monster sales over the years.

Before we reveal the highest-priced card we could find we will give you a little information about the player.

George Herman “Babe” Ruth Jr. was an American professional baseball player whose career in Major League Baseball spanned 22 seasons, from 1914 through 1935.

He started his baseball career a left-handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. But what made him really famous was his work for the New York Yankees as a batter. Ruth was widely acknowledged to be an excellent baseball player, both in terms of his pitching and his hitting.

This Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb Signed Relic is in beautiful condition and is listed for an eye-watering $1,500,000.00


We went looking for the highest valued properties available on eBay. The most expensive was the commercial outfits, including a church in the US going for $6.5 Million.

However, in the UK, you won’t be surprised that the highest-priced residential property we could find was located in the south of the country in Torquay, Devon.

This 1930’s ‘Bauhaus’-inspired Seaside Home is going for  £765,000.00. Expensive, however, it is beautiful.

How about a little garden sculpture

Are you looking to spruce up your garden, ready for the summer?

Well then that will be 13 grand, please. Yes, you heard that right.

This Stainless Steel Contemporary Garden Sculpture is described as

Outstanding in style this Fusion contemporary sculpture is perfect as a centrepiece in the garden. This sculpture is finished in wonderfully sleek polished stainless steel. Irregular structure, colour and shape, cut surfaces not rectangular! Exclusive modern art – when viewed closely you will see the marks of handcraft and individualities of every piece. Synergy: the close physical association of two different organisms, to the mutual advantage of both. An organic shape realised in hard, manufactured stainless steel is a synergy, the reflections of the highly polished stainless steel capturing the audience. Focusing and reflecting nature through the modern material of stainless steel, ‘Synergy’ is the modern world trying to rebalance itself with nature. This sculpture is designed to fit into our stylised world, it is sleek, shiny and highly polished on the surface, working hard to please and entertain!

Luckily it boasts Free Delivery!


Our last few items are from the world of fashion.

Givenchy is a French luxury fashion and perfume house. It hosts the brand of haute couture clothing, accessories and Parfums Givenchy, perfumes and cosmetics. The house of Givenchy was founded in 1952 by designer Hubert de Givenchy.

We had a look for some of the highest-priced Givenchy items and we found these.

Unfortunately, the highest-priced item we could find was this Givenchy Blue Genuine Alligator Small Antigona Bag. The bag is listed for a mere £7810.00 and is boasted to be worth over £25k RRP.

We hope you enjoyed our little article.

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