UN Chief to Have Talks with Russia!

UN Chief to Have Talks with Russia!
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Russia has continued to attack eastern Ukraine with hopes of having the whole eastern side invaded as soon as humanly possible. Ukraine and pulling out all the stops with a lot of other countries now getting involved to help Ukraine beat Russia in this war.

The US for example have started to help immensely with funding. Joe Biden has stated that he will be helping Ukraine by sending them $700 million for the military and Russian President Vladimir Putin didn’t like the sounds of this.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that the help to Ukraine can result in Russia targeting places that help and or starting a bigger and wider war with the rest of the world.

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UN Chief is set to have talks with Russia to try and prevent a wider and more deadly war with Russia. Meaning there is a huge chance right now that another world war could happen, making the war a reality to the world.

World war 3 could happen due to this, however the UN Chief and other countries will be hoping to avoid this conflict as the war will end with a lot of injuries and even worse death.

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