Ukraine Gain Ground in Kyiv!

Ukraine Gain Ground in Kyiv!
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Recently, it was believed that Russia attacked Kyiv and managed to successfully invade some of Ukraine’s capital with airstrikes and Russian soldiers, however, Ukraine has fought back with vengeance!

Reports say that some of the Ukrainian troops have countered the Russian force’s attack and have started to gain more of Kyiv after the Russians supposedly gain ground on it!

Image Credit: Milan Sommer

There was a note that was left and it wrote.

 “Russian forces are likely reorganising before resuming large-scale offensive operations”.

Justin Bronk also stated “The Russians have quite visibly failed to take the whole of Ukraine across multiple positions of advance, So now they are trying to pull their resources back and consolidate them and concentrate them on one push at a time – in particular around Mariupol and the south.”

This is great news as Russia will start to lose ground against Ukraine and Ukraine can start winning the war that a lot of people thought they would lose themselves!

So far, the only part of Kyiv that has been taken back is the western part of the city!

Banner and Image Credit: tunasalmon

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