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Russia Invading Ukraine?

Russia Invading Ukraine?
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Over the past few weeks, Russia have been plotting a plan to invade Ukraine. There has been countless news articles and more about this topic. No one knows if this will actually happen, however Putin has sent troops to the Ukrainian borders and even went as far as to send some into the country.

It is said that Vladimir Putin has send the Russian Army to the eastern part of Ukraine to start invading. But that is not what is on the mind of the Ukrainian minister!

The Ukrainian Minister has stated that he will not make the same mistakes that lead to the past two world wars. Meaning he would either want to act quick enough and or avoid any part of a war at all cost.

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Recent reports show, that there has been some shots fired during the possible invasion. According to sources, multiple people have been killed and at least 20 have been injured during some attacks that have recently taken place.

The UK and UK have recently been trying to help Ukraine with this issue as its starting to get worse and worse. So bad that an state of Emergency has been declared in Ukraine.

With the Minister wanting everyone that lives in Russia to leave immediately, there has been some reports shown to the public. It is believed that almost 3 million people live in Russia that is Ukrainian.

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