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Rail Strikes are Underway!

Rail Strikes are Underway!
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In England, Scotland and Wales right now, the rail strikes have started to happen, which has left many people stuck where they were left and or unable to get to work without taking the bus! This has come for a few days and has been deemed to be one of the biggest strikes in history! 

Today sees the first of the three national rail strikes all across England, Scotland and Wales. There are plans to be another two more that have already been planned to happen on Thursday and Saturday. Only a fifth of the trains is due to run on half of the network, meaning the current advice is to not travel until the strike is over!

Due to this, there have been many trains due to be canceled and many trains will be running, just not on time and maybe canceled later on during the day!

Network Rail’s boss tells the BBC he is “profoundly sorry” for the disruption to people’s journeys. Leads some people to be left stranded somewhere and or unable to get home or to work!

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London Underground workers have also went on strike in a separate dispute. This dispute is over pensions and job losses.

The rail strike could last a couple of days, as some trains may not run throughout the week due to the shortage and the day after the strike. So, my advice is to not travel via trains!

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