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Ex-Soldier Jailed for Life!

Ex-Soldier Jailed for Life!
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A former soldier has been jailed for at least 38 years for murdering his neighbors after a long dispute about parking! An awful reason to murder someone however he managed to find a way to do it. 

A man by the name of Collin Reeves, who is 35 years old and was a former soldier in the army, recently killed a man and woman by the names of Stephen and Jenifer Chapple, in Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset on the 21st November 2021.


He went to their house and stabbed Mrs. Chapple and Mr. Chapple at least six times each in their own home while their children were sleeping upstairs. Reeves has been handed a life sentence with a minimum term of 38 years.

“You left (Mr and Mrs Chapple) on the floor bleeding to death, and all of the time their two children were asleep upstairs, They were put to bed that night by their parents and they would never see them again. The harm you did those two innocent children is incalculable,”  The Judge said!

The ex-soldier that admitted to the crimes was convicted of murdering the couple at Bristol Crown Court last week after a jury took five hours to deliberate.

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