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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats!

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats!

Cats are a great house pet, having one of my own of course, however there are some stuff that not many people know about these amazing pets. Some owners will understand a lot of this and other may just be like wow, that’s what that is! Here are 3 facts not many people know about an average cat!

4. Why does a cat blink at you?

For a lot of us, we just think that a cat, from now on instead of cat we will say Rex, we would think Rex would just blink at someone randomly and that doesn’t mean anything, however this is a symbol that Rex loves you. Meaning he has taken a liking to you! Don’t be shocked when your cat blinks at you again!

Image Credit: Alona Cherniakhova

3. Cats are actually far sighted!

A lot of cats can only see far distances, meaning going up close to them they may not fully see and may only see a blur, while some cats still move back when you come towards them, they may not fully see what it is and won’t be able to focus on it!

2. Cats have no collar bones!

Many people wonder that how cats can get into abnormal spaces that even a dog of the same size can’t fit into, however this is due to the fact that cats don’t have any collar bones. So, don’t be shocked if you see your cat hiding in your cutlery draw!

Image Credit: Lightspruch

1. You more than likely, not allergic to Cats hair!

A lot of people nowadays have a cat allergy, which is cruel to think since Cats can be very loving towards owners, however recent research suggests that the average person may only be allergic to the cats saliva. Here us out. Cats are known for washing themselves like dogs, and cats salvia can be the reason why someone is allergic to cats and why sometimes someone doesn’t get effected by some cats and others they might!

Banner and Image Credit: Scotty_FiveMinutesSpare

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