Why Join Five Minutes Spare?

Supporting Businesses and Communities

As a company, we are working towards building a large infrastructure to support SME’s and communities across the country.

We want small and medium businesses to thrive and communities to be stronger than ever. In order to do this, we are building multiple systems on one platform to achieve this.

Take our Business Directory, for example, Most towns have multiple Business Directories – some are better than others, but many are outdated, and the functionality is generally quite poor.

Why is ours different?

The companies update and customise their Business Directory listing themselves, and each one is vetted by our team to make sure the listings are real and local. This means that Listings are always up to date and accurate.

It’s not just another Business Directory

Behind the business directory, we have built e-commerce platforms, appointment/booking platforms and more are on the way. These Platforms give us the power to support your business and drive sales, appointments or whatever task you want to achieve.

What else do we do?

A proportion of the payments made by businesses goes towards constantly updating and developing our systems and advertising the directory itself, to ensure that that SME’s get picked up by the local and wider area.

Community events are also be advertised to the general, and wider audience, all made possible by collective participation, which boosts tourism and community spirit.

We have built towns guides up and down the country. We love the individual history and the unique make-up of a town and its community, so that’s what we write about. We want local sports teams to be supported week in week out, community events to have larger participation and general community spirit to higher than its ever been.

Where do we start?

We start with you, the local businesses. With your support, we can start this process, we want to drive more of your community to your business. We will in unison be working on projects within the community and within the local sports to dive huge amounts of traffic to your towns page and inturn back through to local businesses.

Please revert back to your email to from us to claim your listing and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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