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Stationery Costs and Management

Are stationery orders eating away at your profits and becoming a nightmare to keep track of spending?

Stationary is a fundamental part of most businesses, and the consistent costs can quickly become a nightmare to keep track. Finding the best product at the best price with the most favourable payment terms can be a challenge, especially when you have other tasks that require more urgent attention.


If this is something that you need a solution to then, Amazon Business may be a product that brings significant benefits to your Business.


How does Amazon Business work?

Amazon Business is a business-to-business marketplace that combines the selection, convenience and value customers around the world have come to know and love from Amazon. Additionally, Amazon business-specific features including bulk pricing, Pay by Invoice*, downloadable VAT invoices and spend management tools. In this marketplace, multiple sellers compete for purchases on standard stock-keeping units (SKUs) on the most favourable terms for customers. It’s like a “reverse auction” where customers save time, money and hassle in the process.

Choice, value and convenience: Amazon Business simplifies the entire purchasing process for businesses by helping them find, compare and order what they need with fast, reliable shipping and flexible payment options. It’s a shopping experience. Amazon customers will instantly recognise and understand.
Helpful purchasing tools: Amazon Business gives users access to purchasing controls that can ensure that only authorised purchases are made, together with tools to integrate with their existing purchasing system and provide detailed purchasing analytics.
Free accounts: Unlike warehouse clubs or subscription-based online retailers, Amazon Business accounts are FREE, even for companies with multiple authorised purchasers. Once registered, those with accounts can search hundreds of millions of products in the Amazon Business inventory, where multiple sellers can compete for their purchase.

*Subject to satisfactory credit checks and credit limit

Who is eligible for an Amazon Business account?

Business Accounts and business user accounts are intended for businesses and business-related organisations and may be used solely for business purposes. To create a business user account, users must use a valid email address. may use the business name, address, VAT number or business identification number and any other information a customer provides about their organisation or users or that we may request or determine are necessary to verify accuracy and eligibility for Amazon Business.

How to open a FREE Amazon Business account

To open a FREE amazon business account start by clicking the banner below.

Before doing so, you will need;

  • A valid email address
  • The business name
  • The Business address
  • VAT number or business identification number

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